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Stocks and Flow  
MarketProductIn FlowOut FlowStockUnitDate
Om Durman, El SalamGoat (Noubian Male live 13-30kgs)769677 Head11-03-2019
Om Durman, El SalamCamels8870 Head11-03-2019
Om Durman, El SalamLocal milking Cow - Low Yeilder84 Head11-03-2019
Om Durman, El SalamLocal milking Cow - Hi Yeilder00 Head11-03-2019
Om Durman, El SalamSheep (35 - 40 Kg Live + 2 years)48563780 Head11-03-2019
Om DurmanRed Onion800080000Sack-9007-03-2019
Om DurmanBroad Bean - Ethiopian400030001000Sack-10007-03-2019
Om DurmanBroad Beans200020000Sack-9007-03-2019
Om DurmanShelled Groundnuts18000140004000Ton07-03-2019
Om DurmanSesame (mixed)900080001000KANTAR07-03-2019
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